Monday, August 11, 2008


I've decided to expand the scope of my blog just a bit. I'll keep including plenty of recipes, but sometimes I just want to write about food when I haven't had time to bake--in fact, that's usually when I most want to talk food. I've been reading some great food lit. during the last week at the beach, I've eaten at some wonderful restaurants here in Wilmington, and I have had some amazing drinks--most made up by my wonderful husband, the amateur mixologist. I want to share this with y'all, and I haven't really given myself room to do that with my current baking blog. So from now on, you'll find posts about drinks, savory recipes, and of course, my favorite baked goods. You'll also find stuff about books I've been reading that deal with food topics--some food lit., some regular books that have a lot to say about food practices (see Ellie's post on food books--she cites Katie Rawson's Faulkner paper, which is awesome! Just like Katie.). I hope you like the new format! Let me know!

Here's a great drink recipe--no picture, since it looks just like a glass of water (and thus the basis of its appeal):

The Blueberry Muffin (so named by the Mormon Mama herself)

Fill a glass with ice and add:
1 part blueberry vodka (Stoli is great)
2 parts water
A few squeezes of lemon juice (and some sweet and sour mix--I've seen some bartenders do this, though I don't at home)

Let it sit for five minutes after stirring--if you drink it right away it won't taste balanced. Be patient. It's that good.